Animal Rescue going strong after 15 years in SL

Fifteen years ago in March, Dennise McIntyre was invited to the first Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake (ARC) meeting. It wasn’t called that yet. It was just a group of people who thought they should get together to discuss ways to help the Town of Slave Lake improve the pound and find homes for dogs.


Take a book, leave a book, at St. Pete’s

Good news for the book-starved among us; a local church is developing a lending library to help folks get through this time of isolation and library closure. On the list we saw last week there were 122 titles in various genres, stored and ready for lending at St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church.


Demand for forest products from unusual places

Good news doesn’t always come from where you expect it to. The virus epidemic has caused a drastic drop in worldwide demand for many products, but an increase in other areas. One of those is notably tissue paper. That’s not what pulp from Slave Lake Pulp has historically been used for, but they’ll take it! The mill gets to stay open and people keep working.