Up and down weekend for Icedogs

Slave Lake’s Junior ‘A’ team stole a game from High Prairie on Friday. Outshot 53 – 25, they made the most of their chances, beating the Redwings 7 – 4. Sunday back in High Prairie the wheels fell off.


So…what’s new with the Icedogs?

Not much, and that may be a good thing. Yes, says team owner Lauren Barr, it sucks that there are only three teams in the league. But what’s good about it is the teams are fairly even, the scores are close and the situation competitive. No 20 – 1 games and the like, which would put sustainability into question.


A two-restaurant hamlet

“I got bored,” Charlette Flemming says, in answer to the question why she opened a new restaurant in Smith.
“I love the people of Smith,” she continued. “I love being around them. This is what I do.”