Staggered start to the school year

Slave Lake, Kinuso and Smith school offices will be re-opening this week, with classes starting this week (Aug. 31). However, the first week of classes will be a bit different than normal because not everyone will attend every day. Also, throughout the year, drop-off and pick-up times are staggered.


Beaver still on the lam

As of August 6, the Slave Lake RCMP were still looking for James Beaver. He is a suspect in a July 18 stabbing in Slave Lake.
Beaver is described as:
Caucasian in his 20s.


Gilwood loses its manager

Tony Griffi, the general manager of Slave Lake’s Gilwood Golf & Country Club, passed away last week, suddenly and unexpectedly. Details were scarce, but the golf club confirmed the loss on its website on Aug. 3.
“It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our wonderful friend and head pro Tony Griffi,” says a post on the Gilwood Facebook page. “Please (bear) with us in this difficult time.”


New man at the top at the Town of Slave Lake

Here’s a question: Why swap Cranbrook B.C. for Slave Lake Alberta? For David Kim, the new Town of Slave Lake Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the answer was a desire to return to Alberta.
“I feel at home here,” he says.
That’s despite Slave Lake being further from the family home base in Calgary than Cranbrook is. Not to mention being quite different than Cowtown.


Forest products booming at the moment

Hundreds of log trucks on the highways isn’t necessarily a sign that times are good in the forest products industry. But as it happens…
“Things are going very well,” says Ken Vanderwell, general manager of Vanderwell Contractors. “The lumber forest-sector ‘cylinder’ of the Alberta economy is firing strong!”


Long road from Gilgit to Slave Lake RBC

Saad Mir is the affable business account manager at Slave Lake’s RBC, since March of this year. That was just in time for the COVID crisis to hit, so he’s been working from home without much chance to engage with the community, outside the contacts he has by phone or email (or texting, which he tried unsuccessfully to do with The Leader!).