Daycare without a wait list for the first time in years

For the first time in several years, Legacy Childcare in Slave Lake doesn’t have a wait list. There are spaces available.
For the last three or four years, Legacy Childcare has had a wait list of 100 or more children, says Abigail Rayner, Legacy Childcare executive director. Prior to that, the wait list was shorter.


Anti-lockdown rally draws a crowd

Despite being ticketed for contravening the Public Health Act, Benita Pedersen is forging ahead with several more ‘anti-COVID’ rallies, including one in Slave Lake on March 4. She’d held one the day before in Whitecourt and was moving on later in the week to Peace River and Fort McMurray.


Habitat looking for local volunteers to help with fifth SL house

The helping organizations in Slave Lake meet monthly to discuss upcoming events, services, and for support.
Habitat for Humanity
Tanya Edison, with Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton, announced that construction of a new house in Slave Lake was set to start in March. Habitat for Humanity hired a contractor to build the house, but is looking for local volunteers to be on a selection committee and do a few odd jobs.


Icedogs back in their natural habitat (indoor ice)

As reported in this space a week ago, the Slave Lake Icedogs got back to practicing on indoor ice on Feb. 22. It’s not exactly normal, but as head coach Gregg Kennedy says, any indoor ice is better than none at this point.
One reason he said that was because the temperature that day was well above freezing and the outdoor rinks were in bad shape.


Sit-down dining gets a passing grade

An informal poll of a few Slave Lake restaurants last week revealed a range of experiences when it comes to the return to sit-down dining. It went from “really good,” to “very slow.”
As for the customer reaction to strict COVID protocols (which are a condition of being allowed to re-open), the range was not as great. It went from “some customers don’t want to do it,” to “everybody is very respectful.”