Man receives 18 months probation for stolen semi trailer

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
December 15, 2021
Judge G. W. Paul

Michael Maurice Koochin pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property over $5,000, altering or removing a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and five crimes of breach of a no contact condition. The Crown withdrew other charges.
On October 2, 2019, Slave Lake RCMP had a search warrant for the place Koochin was living, said the Crown prosecutor. He was not there, and police found out later he had fled the scene. In the driveway, there was a flatbed semi trailer with the VIN number painted over. Also, a white Dodge Ram with the same. The semi trailer was reported stolen out of Barrhead in 2017. It was valued over $5,000.
Over a series of five days at a later time, Koochin breached a no-contact condition, the court heard. He sent the victim insulting and derogatory emails, but they were not threatening.
Koochin’s record is “not lengthy,” the Crown said. He’s on a two-year suspended sentence which includes no contact with the same victim as these new breaches.
“He’s been his own worst enemy,” said the defence. However, he’s working again, stopped contacting the victim, and is moving on with his life.
“I’m pleased to hear he has let the past go,” said Judge Paul. “I don’t expect to see you again,” he said to Koochin.
Koochin was put on an 18-month suspended sentence of probation for possession of stolen property and altering the VIN. The conditions are to keep the peace, report, and take assessment, treatment, and counselling as directed. He was fined $350 plus a 30 per cent victim fine surcharge for each of the breaches. This equalled $2,275. He received time to pay until September 7, 2022. If the fine is unpaid, default time in jail for each conviction will be consecutive.

Angel Josette Beauregard pleaded guilty to a traffic ticket for driving while failing to hold a valid drivers licence. The Crown withdrew to other tickets.
Beauregard was fined $230 and received time to pay until March 16, 2022.