Trials being rescheduled due to COVID – well into 2022

Slave Lake Provincial Court
October 27, 2021
Judge G.W. Paul presiding

In response to the current COVID 19 conditions Provincial Courts are not allowing in-person attendance at court proceedings for most people, thereby needing to adjourn most trial matters. Trials are being rescheduled for the time being to the next available time slots which for the most part range from summer to early December 2022. As a result the number of matters resolved before the Court that can be reported is down significantly.

On the docket on 20 October, 2021, most matters were being postponed. The only matter that was resolved was a guilty plea by Curtis BobbyLee Laderoute to a curfew violation. One of the conditions of his release in August was that he be in his residence in the evening. On 9 October, 2021 at 10:57 p.m. Laderoute was spotted out and about by officers, picked up and jailed.

Laderoute was sentenced to time served, 18 days, and ordered to pay a $200 fine.

On the 27 October docket was Skyler Cole Brian McLeod, who pled guilty to counts of unauthorized possession of a restricted weapon and carrying a concealed weapon. Counts of possessing a loaded prohibited firearm, knowing possession of a prohibited weapon, and failure to comply with conditions of his release were dismissed.

On 6 August 2020 RCMP officers were in the process of arresting another individual when one of them noticed McLeod watching from a nearby residence. Knowing McLeod was on conditions of curfew in another town, the officer decided to investigate. McLeod assured the officer that his father was to arrive at any moment to take him home but when the officer called McLeod’s father she was told that McLeod had not been home for a while and that he was in violation of his conditions. When McLeod was searched while being taken into custody it was discovered that in a blue bag he was carrying was a loaded gun.

There was some question about how much of McLeod’s record was being entered into evidence, as much of his record took place when he was a minor and was expunged. However he has continued to have significant trouble with the law since turning 18. He is Bigstone Cree and had a stable upbringing. His father is owner of a business, employed McLeod and was teaching him the business. Unfortunately McLeod entered into a relationship with a girl that quickly became toxic and started get into drugs and alcohol and hanging out with the wrong people. He has taken a downward spiral to the point that his dad has essentially washed his hands of the matter.

Judge Paul agreed with the joint submission presented by the Crown and McLeod’s counsel and imposed a 12 month sentence for each guilty plea, to run concurrently with 87 days credit for time served pre-trial.

The gun seized by the RCMP was forfeited to the Her Majesty the Queen.