High Prairie and District Food Bank welcomes donations of cash and food. Above. Assistant food bank co-ordinator Brenda Sandford, left, and volunteer Andrew Sandford stock the shelves with food.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Food banks are always thankful for people who donate to help keep the shelves full to meet local needs.
Demand for food usually rises early in the New Year and in the summer.
So the question is – do food banks prefer people donate food or give money?
Several food banks in the Peace region have various views.
It seems that many food banks prefer donations of funds over food items.
Food banks can use the funds for more than food.
The Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre manages the local food bank.
“It’s nice to get cash, but food is also good,” executive director Barb Courtorielle says.
She actually prefers donations of money.
“When I get cash, I can order everything and buy what I need.”
“I can keep more in the food bank.”
Two major grocery stores in town generated a large stock of food items in a Christmas hamper campaign.
Sobey’s and No Frills sold prepared bags of food valued at $5 and $10 to boost the food bank.
“We got a lot of food donations,” Courtorielle says.
“The community came together to donate.”