Leader staff

Here’s something we weren’t aware of: league golf is going on at the Chaddy Shack, just a few metres from the back door of the Lakeside Leader office in downtown Slave Lake.

Not that we didn’t know people were whacking balls at simulated golf courses. But ever since owner Chad Caron put in a bit of soundproofing, we don’t hear the crack of the club on the ball like we did for the first year or so of operation. Not to mention various other noises.

But last week Chad told us there’s some lively league action going on, and we agreed it would be a good idea to put results in the paper.

There’s an individual competition on one side, and on the men’s side, a team competition also.

In the lead after five events are JJ and the Boys, with 700 points. That’s 200 points better than the Pin Seekers. In third is Dude Where’s My Par?, at 450 points.

JJ and the Boys is made up of Kevin Twinn, Ryan Spencer, Michael Thunder, Alex Richards, J.R. Giroux and John Giroux. Pin Seekers are Austin and Quinton Guttinger, Tyson Price, Cody Cardinal, Kolten Richards and Steve Boyle. Making up the Dudes are Garrett Sinclair, Jake Zacharias, Bob Boucher, Chris Vandusen, Gavon Hannah and Chris Hatch.

Caron says the league events pretty much follow those of the PGA tour. The season wraps up with the Chaddy Shack’s own version of ‘The Masters,’ complete with a green jacket!

“People need something to do in the winter,” Caron says.

The Chaddy Shack has been in business for four years now, occupying a space in the same building as Rexall in Slave Lake.

Connie Schultz prepares to bomb away on the ‘Coeur D’Alene’ course at the Chaddy Shack.