Clear pecuniary interest in paving job

To the Editor:

Now we as citizens of Slave Lake have come to another election.

I wrote a (letter to the editor) in May (‘Mayor and councillor should resign over pecuniary interest:’ Lakeside Leader, May 12, 2021) and just wanted to clear up some facts.

Mayor Tyler Warman and councillor Brice Ferguson have clearly both a pecuniary interest in the paving of Gloryland.

The town meeting on the vote was March 16 (2021) and Tyler laughs at the fact he lives there and (says) ‘clear transparency’ after the vote. Not legal! He also states that with working together with the departments show how to get things done. But if this (were) the case, we would have had a public hearing and we would all have had our input! And pavement would have either been the developer’s problem or the residents!’

Now your taxpaying dollars paid for this. What next (do) Tyler and Brice have for us? This is not a business for Tyler and Brice to profit from! Think of this and check out the Youtube of (the) council meeting (on) March 16, 2021 before you vote.

Sylvia Skahl
Slave Lake, AB