Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Greg Humber is fighting back from a series of strokes that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. One way he does it is by writing. The 54-year-old Slave Lake man says he got “sick as a dog” not long after graduating from college, and ended up a paraplegic.

Depression followed, and it didn’t help that he was told “I would never write again.”

But he is writing again. He joined a local writers’ group and wrote a children’s story. He says he didn’t like it, “but they did.”

Now he’s got another book written – one he likes better. It’s a series of humorous stories he calls ‘Tales of Greg, that Newfie Guy.’

“I’m trying to get a publisher,” he says. “Trying to flog the book.”

Here’s an excerpt, from the introduction, in which he deals with people’s perceptions (or misperceptions) of Newfoundlanders (slightly amended by the editor):

“Years ago, I got my first job on the mainland.

I told the boss I was from Newfoundland.

He said and I quote, “You….. people, don’t work that long.”

When he said that I immediately took at my skin color.

‘’No’’, he said. ‘You Newfies only work twenty weeks then back home, on UIC collecting your pogy bye.’

When he said ‘bye,’ he really emphasized the Newfie accent.

This kind of pissed me off, so I showed him. I quit after nineteen weeks. F*** him.”

Humber’s introductory piece concludes:

“One of the reasons I am writing this book, is to show that there (are) other type Newfies out there.

The goal is to make you smile, the stories I am sharing with you are true.

However due to booze, drugs, and time the facts may be a little hazy.

Now you may ask yourself why I would care about Tales from Greg that Newfie guy. You shouldn’t; there more things going on right now.

But if you want a little escape from the world.”