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4724 53 Ave
High Prairie

T0G 1E0

Marigold Enterprises is a non-profit organization. They provide supports & services for persons with developmental disabilities.
They provide independent living services, residential services, employment services and community access programs.

They also run a gift store in their building that is also the depot for Sears, UPS, Purolator and Dry Cleaning.


A community in which inclusion is practiced and accepted for persons with disabilities.


To provide support and services to persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities to achieve their personal goals and enjoy quality of life in the community.

Our Core Values

Respect: Acceptance of individuals as they are.
Inclusion: To be accepted and to practice acceptance.
Teamwork: Building on the strengths of all team members.
Creativity/Innovation: Finding new ways of meeting goals of individuals.
Families: Treating people and being treated equitably according to their needs.

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