Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School students and staff turned the school into a Husky Hut at the end of April.

On April 28, family and community members were invited to come and see what was what.

The school’s mascot is a husky named Blizzard, which is why they turned the school into a Husky Hut.

Each class was given the question, “How can we enlighten the lives of dogs in Slave Lake?”

As a class, they brainstormed to come up with ideas around this, picked a project, and ran with it. The projects were connected with each class’ core subjects.

For example, the Grade 2 class made floating dog dishes, because they are learning about what makes things float in science.

Grade 5 students included electricity in their projects.

Tasia Munroe-Manybears (standing) and Daphne Fiddler make the garbage bag conveyor belt move on the Grade 1 dog treat factory. The class baked two types of dog treats. One sweet and the other savoury. They also built an entire dog treat factory out of cardboard and plastic. They had a few dogs come in to sample their goodies and had them available by donation at the Husky Hut. The funds raised go the the Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake.
Grade 5 students Joseph and Aiden with their Happy Feeder. It includes an electric trigger to release the dog treat. Grade 5 and 6 students completed tasks to earn supplies to make their project.
Kindergarten students made games to keep dogs’ minds active. Saira built this one.
Amelia Gladue was one of the kids having fun in the gym at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School on April 28.
A floating dog dish made by Grade 2 students.