Submitted by NLC

Northern Lakes College Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) students participate in a variety of practice scenarios throughout the year to help prepare them for emergencies they might encounter in their career. One of the learning exercises is a mock mass casualty incident. This type of incident is where the injured people outnumber the responders available for the emergency. The students learn about the different roles and how to work with other responding agencies in this type of an emergency, such as fire, police, specialty teams, etc.

On April 5, volunteers comprised of PCP alumni and fire and EMS practitioners from surrounding areas came to the Slave Lake Campus to participate in this year’s event. They got into character with full makeup and costume and played the part of injured people to help increase the realism of the exercise for students.

A bus was provided for use as a prop by High Prairie School Division and AHS Emergency Medical Services on-call paramedics participated in the learning exercise.

One of the significant learning points for the students is the importance of clear and concise communication in an emergency of this nature. The learning experience was well received by all and is a highlight of the program each year.

“Practical exercises such as this mock mass casualty incident are so important in preparing students to be ready for the unexpected they will encounter as practitioners. We are appreciative of the participation of the various agencies involved in this training exercise,” comments Doug Higginson, chair of the Paramedic Programs.