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On Feb. 23, Slave Lakers of all ages took part in Pink Shirt Day – to raise awareness about bullying.
Pink Shirt Day started in 2007, after a Nova Scotia boy was bullied for wearing pink to school.

Schools have recognized this day for many years. This article includes photos from three Slave Lake schools, but other schools also took part. In some, this included presentations by Northern Haven Support Society Outreach, which focuses on raising awareness about domestic violence.

However, Pink Shirt Day isn’t only in schools. For example, ATCO, the Town of Slave Lake, and Vanderwell Heritage Place all recognized it in some way.

Ms. Lawrence’s Grade 1 class at C.J. Schurter Elementary School on Pink Shirt Day.
At St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, some Grade 9 students and Ms. McLeod show off their pink shirts. Photos courtesy of the schools, businesses, or municipality.
Mr. Oliver’s E.G. Wahlstrom School Grade 5 class on Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 23.
Pink Shirt Day is an annual day to raise awareness about bullying. This year’s theme was Be Kind.
Fay Brown at Vanderwell Heritage Place (aka. The Lodge) on Pink Shirt Day. Lodge residents were encouraged to wear pink to lunch.
Slave Lake MRC staff on Pink Shirt Day. Left to right: Kayleigh Fiddler, Ashley Whitford, and Kennedy Hartman.
In Slave Lake, ATCO held a team coffee break over Zoom for Pink Shirt Day, with around 25 attending.