School board maybe

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

(Updated Sept. 20 to include all Town of Slave Lake and M.D. candidates which were announced after the publication cutoff for the printed version).

In 2021, there are two candidates for Town of Slave Lake Mayor and 14 candidates for six positions on council. Therefore, Slave Lakers have options on Oct. 18.

One way to learn about the candidates is to go to the Slave Lake candidate forum on October 7 on Zoom. The link will be on the Rotary Club Facebook page.

The election also includes school board trustees for High Prairie School Division and Living Waters Separate Catholic School Division. These candidates will also be welcome to attend the forum.

However, the Rotary had not heard of anyone running. There were no candidate profiles on the school division websites.

Normally, the candidate forums are held by the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce. However, this year, both the Chamber’s former president and executive administrator are running. Therefore, the Rotary Club of Slave Lake has taken the baton.

The doors open at 6:30 p.m. The forum is set to start at 7 p.m.

Ray Stern will moderate.

The evening will open with all candidates giving an introduction.

“All candidates get equal time,” says Rotarian Valerie Tradewell.

“The bulk of the evening we hope will be the Q. and A.,” says Tradewell.

Before the forum, email one question with your name and who it is addressed to to or drop it off at the Business Factory.

Based on the Town of Slave Lake website, the following people are running:

For mayor: Rebecca King and Tyler Warman.

For council: Steve Adams, Julie Brandle, Darin Busk, Ian Cameron, Brice Ferguson, Susan Giesbrecht, Francesca (Frankie) Giroux, Shawn Gramlich, Kim Hughes, Craig Hudson, Philip Lokken, Ronnie Lukan, Tina-Marie Ritter, and Winona Twin.

The M.D. of Lesser Slave River elections are the same day. Here’s the official list by division:

For reeve: Murray Kerik.

Division I (Hondo-Smith to Flatbush): Darren Fulmore, Sandra Melzer, Becky Peiffer, Ryan Cooper, and Nancy Sand.

Division II (west end): Darcie Acton, Charlotte Measor, Brad Pearson, Craig Pearson, Pamela Porter, Norm Seatter, and Lana Spencer.

Some candidate profiles have been in previous Leaders. Two are on Pages 14 and 15, and more are yet to come.