Leader staff

Visitors to the Slave Lake Health Care Centre emergency entrance recently will have noticed a lot of construction going on.

Here’s what it’s all about, according to a recent email from Alberta Health Services:

Beginning in early October, the contractor is altering and (presumably) improving the ‘triage and patient registration’ facilities in that part of the building.

The idea, says Lisa Laferriere of AHS, is “the project will improve patient flow at the ED entrance and create a more functional and safe workspace for staff.”

Design and planning is done. Demolition work is underway; this includes creating a barrier, so dust and debris from the job don’t interfere with regular hospital business, which must continue at the same time. This took “a lot of planning,” says Laferriere.

Since interior walls are being removed, the job necessarily involves the deactivation and relocation of electrical and plumbing lines, as well as “medical air lines.”

“Some new wall framing has also begun,” Laferriere says.

When all is said and done, there’ll be a new room for triage, registration and waiting. It’s expected to be ready by the spring of next year. Further, a new examination room and “flexible workspace,” are expected to be finished by sometime next summer.

Emergency entrance area renos are underway.