Darryl Boisson
People’s Party

Boisson is a farmer, oilfield contractor and trapper from the High Prairie area. He has run twice provincially, representing the Wildrose Party. He wants a better deal for the West, and doesn’t think the other parties can or will deliver that.

Colin Krieger

Krieger is an oifield operator from the Valleyview area. He likes the Maverick Party because only a regional party can stand up for the West, he says, much like the Bloc does for Quebec. The Party supports Western independence as well.

Leslie Penny

Penny, a Barrhead town councillor and retired health care worker touts the Liberals’ national daycare and evironmental plans. PR-Westlock deserves an MP who is in government, she says, and predicts a Liberal majority.

Gail Ungstad
New Democrat

Ungstad, a retired social worker from Slave Lake, says health care, housing and help for Indigenous people are three of the main reasons she likes the NDP platform. She’s been thinking about running for years.

Arnold Viersen

Viersen, the incumbent Conservatife MP, is going for a third term. Canada needs a Conservative government, he says, and Mr. O’Toole is the man to deliver it. A better deal for the West is certain with a Conservative win, he says.