Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The third week in July, the lilies and delphiniums were blooming in Paul and Divine Kitchen’s yard in Gloryland. The day lilies were just about to start and so was the monkshood. It’s a big lot with lots of green space and a variety of perennials, vegetables, and annuals. Some of the petunias and roses are on the deck to keep them out of reach of the deer. The vegetable garden has an electric fence around it for the same reason.

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Paul and daughter Sofia by the delphinium and lilies blooming on the edge of the vegetable garden.
A miniature rose growing in a pot on the back deck.
Paul puts them in the garage for the winter, so they stay right around freezing and survive the winter.
A yellow lily
Orange lilies
A rock (or fairy) garden made by Paul’s wife, Divine, in the front garden.
Tomatoes growing to the top of the greenhouse.