Three more years for house- breaking, armed robbery

Slave Lake Provincial Court
May 25, 2022
Judge R. B. Marceau presiding

Jonathan Shannon Houle, previously found guilty on charges of housebreaking and armed robbery was sentenced to 6.5 years custody. Subtracting the time he was in custody pre-trial, Houle has just over three years left to serve.

Cory Curtis Courtorielle was in court to plead guilty to the charge of uttering a forged document. Charges of fraud and possessing false identification were dropped. On January 23, 2021 Courtorielle attempted to cash a stolen cheque in the amount of $897.50 at a local convenience store and was apprehended by police. As Coutoreille has no previous record, the Crown and duty counsels offered a joint submission recommending a conditional discharge provided Courtorielle maintain good behaviour and serve a 12 month probation. Judge Marceau agreed, giving Courtorielle the opportunity to avoid a criminal record.

Ali Rahime pled guilty to obstructing a police officer. Charges of resisting a police officer and failure to comply with court conditions were dropped. On July 4, 2021 at about 1:40 a.m. local constables observed a car with a burned out tail light. Upon checking the registration of the vehicle they discovered that the owner was serving a suspension of his drivers’ license and initiated a traffic stop.

Rahime, when he stopped, exited the car and locked it, claiming that he hadn’t been driving. Officers ordered Rahime to get back in his car, Rahime argued and was taken into custody.

Rahime has no prior criminal record. Through duty counsel Rahime offered an apology to the court for his behaviour. He was fined $800 with a victim surcharge of $240.