While fun, exploding targets and fireworks can cause unintentional wildfires, as they create hot debris when detonated.

This debris can cause a wildfire when it comes into contact with fuels in the forest, such as dry grass.

So far this season, Alberta firefighters have fought three unintentional wildfires started by exploding targets and fireworks.

To prevent wildfires, the use of fireworks and exploding targets in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta requires written permission from a Forest Officer.

If you do not have written permission, you could face a fine of $600 and if you are found responsible for starting a wildfire, you could also be charged with the cost of firefighting.

Anyone who wishes to use these items should contact their local Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development office to request permission.

A site inspection will also be required, so please plan ahead and call at least three days before the long weekend.

To request written permission for fireworks call your local office.

Red Earth/Slave Lake (780) 849-7377
High Prairie (780) 523-6619
Wabasca (780) 891-3860