Slave Lake 4-H weighs in charity steer

To the Editor:

Hello, this is the club reporter from the Northern Lights 4-H club. I wanted to give you an update on what our club has done so far.

This year our club has the following projects: small engines, poultry, beef and we have a charity steer. We will also have a public speaking event in February. 

For small engines, we have had a few meetings. We picked out our engines and found some information like the serial number and what parts we need to fix the engine. We also did a compression check. 

In poultry, we have learned about the different types of chickens and eggs, how to identify roosters from hens and what candling eggs is. We also have chosen what kind of chicken we are going to raise and we will soon get the eggs.
The charity steer is a steer named Blackjack that the whole club is raising.

Every day of the week a different member of the club is assigned to feed Blackjack. In the spring, we will start to train Blackjack and learn more about cattle. At the end of the year, we will be auctioning off Blackjack and the proceeds will go towards charity.

In beef, the members are raising their own steers, as well as helping with the charity steer. The members have already started training their steers and will continue training for the rest of the year.

Our club has also participated in the Christmas parade and we carved pumpkins for the seniors home.

In the spring, we will be starting shooting sports.

4-H is a great way for members (ages 9-21) and their families to engage in the community and learn new things. In fact, the 4-H motto is “learn to do by doing” and the four H’s stand for head, heart, health and hands. If you would like further information, call Shannon at (780)-805-5726.

Charlotte Adkins
Slave Lake