Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Brendan Evjen is the new youth pastor with Slave Lake’s Abundant Life Worship Centre. New, as in since last October.

And that’s not all!

“I’m also the church administrator now (as of two weeks),” he says.

Evjen’s (It’s pronounced ‘evyen’) job, as he describes it, is to reach out to youth in the community, as well as “disciple the youth in our church.”

One way of doing that is through a couple of youth nights per week, which take place at the church on Monday and Wednesday evenings. These will typically involve games, snacks and conclude with a Bible study session.

A couple of new games he’s thinking about developing are ‘fresher’ and ‘nine square in the air.’

Evjen says so far, it’s going “fairly well,” though he adds, “It’s my first pastor position. I have a lot to learn.”

Born and raised in Stony Plain Alberta, Evjen did his high school online and from there attended Vanguard College in Edmonton, completing his program in 2020. He took a year off and in 2021 started looking for a job.

Slave Lake was the place. His first impression was how cold it was!

Living in Widewater now, Evjen says he’s looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, by hiking, paddleboarding and cross-country skiing in the winter.

If you are interested and want to get in touch, contact information for Evjen can be found on the church website,

Brendan Evjen