Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Why are we talking about 2021 Business Awards in 2022? Because they were postponed from Small Business Week in October to January 20, 2022 starting at 6 p.m. There’s no gala this year. Instead, winners will be announced in a series of videos on the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page.

There were a few reasons that the award ceremony was postponed, says Chamber president Josh Friesen. COVID kiboshed an in-person event. Also, the municipal election caused changes to the Chamber staff and board members. Therefore, the Chamber decided to make the event virtual with pre-recorded videos, and “launch it when we can,” adds Friesen. “Hopefully, next year it will be a different story.”

Along with a different time, the Chamber reconfigured the awards.

“The awards were revamped to make sure the criteria is clear of who is eligible for what award,” says Friesen.

Another change was that the awards are no longer by industry, but by business size. Also, three new specialty awards were added: Customer Service, Innovative Business, and People’s Choice.

The nominees are:

Small Business: Truly Creative Marketing, Spectrum-Studio, and Second Helping.

Medium Business: Tim Hortons, Legacy Childcare – SLCCS, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Large Business: Slave Lake Pulp/West Fraser, Northern Lakes College, and Vanderwell Contractors.

Entrepreneur Under 40: Corey Staab at CS Plumbing and Gasfitting, Abby Quimsom at Skintasmic, and Cory Hughes at SL Deliveries.

Business Leader: Srini Jayaraman, Erin Allarie, and Colin Parada.

Lifetime Achievement: Joe Mouallem, Allan G. McMillan, and Terri Pukanich.

Customer Service: Bekah Grams at Shoppers Drug Mart, Brenna-Lee Emes at Creative Goods & Co., and the team at Slave Lake Appliance.

Innovative Business: Water Pure & Simple, Distractions, and SL Deliveries.

People’s Choice: Shane McMullin, Barb Carrell, and Jeremy Dumaresque.

Spirit of Slave Lake; Lakeside Figure Skating Club, Stage North Association, and Slave Lake Minor Baseball.