Chris Sundberg of Slave Lake sails earthward in a tandem parachute jump on Sept. 13 at the Slave Lake airport. Sundberg was one of 79 people who jumped when Alberta Skydive Central (ASC) came to town Sept. 13 – 14. The weather was perfect for it on the 13th. Although the people getting ready to go up appeared quite nervous, the ones at the tail end of the jumping seemed elated by it. One of those was Dorothy Auger, Sundberg’s wife. She said she’d hardly slept the night before, but was happy with the way it turned out. Their little son Christian was there to greet them and was heard saying: “Now it’s my turn!”
Sundberg figures they jumped out at about 13,000 feet. That was followed (he estimates) by 30 to 45 seconds of freefall. After the chutes opened it was two or three more minutes of gentle, circling descent.
ASC plans to donate a portion to the Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake.